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New Updates in Digital Marketing

new updates in digital marketing
Why we discussing about new updates in digital marketing, Trend in digital marketing …!

Yes, many people all over the world also thinking more or less the same questions in this year of 2020. 

This one simple secret is the answer – DIGITAL MARKETING IS THE FUTURE.

It’s the age of New Digital Economy.

Digital Economy is growing day by day with its operations. The entire world of market is moving to digitalise their marketing strategy. The coronavirus pandemic also strengthened the growth of digital marketing. Peoples started to use more online tools in their everyday life. It emerged a new digital economy, where more peoples are buying in online, selling in online… and much more. Retailers and suppliers are forced to develop online shopping capabilities at an accelerated rate.

Now, here we are going give some information about the trends in digital marketing 2020.

In Brief:

Artificial Intelligence

AI is transforming all the traditional marketing techniques.

What is AI?  Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science which concerned about building machines and programs to perform tasks which needs a human intelligence.

Can machine think! Oh, that’s a common question most of the people is going to ask. Yes, “sometimes its think more than a common man thinks.” Interesting.!

When it comes to the marketing side, AI is the most powerful tool that a digital marketer can have. Many famous companies using AI techniques to know their customer interests, so they can build strategies which going fulfil their customer’s expectations. Is it that much important! Yes, in a study its cleared that above 70% of the customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations.

AI will also help in creating the right content. Forbes, a well-known news magazine using WordsmithArticoolo, and Quill tools to improve their content automation.

“AI-powered content generation tools are a must for businesses who want to succeed and scale amidst the perpetual business and cultural shifts arriving with Industry 4.0. Businesses cannot hire the sheer volume of people needed to produce the massive amounts of content required for them to meet their goals and keep pace in the market.”- said Saim Rolf Alkan,

CEO and founder of AX Semantics in an interview given. E-mail marketing, Chatbots, AI powered web building, Broadcast messaging are also an application of artificial intelligence in the field digital marketing.


Have you ever noticed? When you open a website, a chat window pops up and inquires you to want any of their help. Simply it’s a chatbot.

It’s the time that Chatbots are changing the concept of customer support. Chatbot is an AI based program which designed to deliver answers to the questions of customers who interacting with. Chatbots will save our time and effort in answering queries, where they are pre-programmed to deliver proper replies with the support of reliable documents.

Above 50% people choose to message than calling to the customer service. So here chatbots will give quick replies and give proper guidance to solve the problem if there any. Chatbots is also designed to redirect the problem to human executive if there any need of further support. We will get more leads, more sales and more signups by using chatbots. And most important feature of chatbot is the 24/7 service which is really helpful for any type of company.

A research says that chatbot market will grow at 30% CAGR to reach US $15 billion by 2025. Due to the corona virus outbreak many companies already set their flatform in chatbot and remaining are eagerly planning to implement it.

Social Media Messaging Apps

The above graph showing the total number of social media users in different platforms all around the world.

Just Look at the results.!  Social Media is not only for a personal messaging or chit chat. It has something more to do with the digital marketing. About 3.5 Billion active users are there in the social media today. OMG!

Yes, there is the market lying up. Keeping good contact with the users of these platforms with engaging content and proper timely reply to the queries will help the company to stand out in the digital market. Studies shown that most of the people visits the company website if there is a good communication with them in the social media.

Running ads with the aim of engaging communication through messaging platforms will increase the visibility of company name in the market. We can also build a personal brand through the social media networks by giving the quality contents in the respective field of industry.

Interesting contests like polls, quiz will helpful to engage the social media users with the page. We can create a better brand awareness thorough the attracting contests on the social media.

Voice Search

Alexa, Siri, Cortana are some examples of voice search. In this modern digital world, many of the people using these appliances to simplify their life.

Some people are talking more to Alexa, Siri, Cortana than talking to humankind.

According to Google 20% of the searches are voice search. 19% of people used Siri at least ones in a day in 2019. 50% uses voice search to research a product and at the end of the year 2020 it is expected that 50% of all queries will be voice search.

Voice search has a direct impact on our SEO strategies. Users are more likely to use voice search for long tail keywords. So by using question phrases in the website and focus on action queries will help us to improve our SEO performance.

Google Lens & Pinterest Lens

Like voice search now a day’s people are more likely to use picture search instead of typing the long tail phrases in the search box. Google Lens and Pinterest Lens are the platform for visual search. Giving proper and exact keywords about the products in the website and using high quality images related to it will increase the probability of getting more traffic.

Anyone can search a product by using a phone camera. So visual search is going to be viral within in a year.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a popular technique in the digital marketing industry. Marketing automation and Email automation will help the Business owners to set-up their promotional campaigns also by schedule a time in advance. Card abandonment, Lead generation, Scheduling Social media posts &responses are some of the examples of marketing automation.

Hubspot is a digital marketing automation platform. By Card abandonment, an E-Commerce website will remember their customers to checkout their orders who have pending order/s in their cart.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of promotional activities where a person who have a strong recognition or brand image among the target audience will promote your product, service or brand. The individual to whom the organization collaborating is called the influencer.

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