Importance of SEO for business

Importance of SEO for business

You can’t say no to organic reach. That’s where the Importance of SEO stands. SEO means Search engine optimization, the process of optimizing a website for ranking higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc for keywords related to your business.

Everyone will search on search engines regarding the product or service they need, so your website needs to list in the search engine result page (SERP) which helps to get clicks. The higher you rank in the Search engine, the more click and traffic to your site will generate. A click may lead to conversions, that’s why SEO is important for the business.

There are mainly two types of SEO

1. On page SEO- The optimization process is done within the Website, to improve web page ranking in search engines for more organic traffic. In addition to adding relevant, high quality, super cool content on-page SEO includes optimizing Titles, HTML tags (Title tag, Meta tag and description, and Header), Images with alt tags, etc.

2. Off-Page SEO – It are the overall activities that should take away from your website to improve the ranking of a page in the search engine result page (SERP). Off-page SEO is mainly focused on backlinking (Link Building), Increasing Engagements, Social media shares, and Encouraging branded searches.

importance of seo

Why is SEO so important?

Users believe in search engines, so ranking higher in SERP helps to create more credibility to your website. 

SEO will improve a website’s searchability and visibility, but what are the real values SEO gives to our business? Let’s discuss some benefits of Seo for your business.

1.Organic traffic is the Primary sources of Traffic to your Website 

Why Seo is important for a website? Organic search and traffic play an important role in the business web site’s performance and it is the starting stage of the conversions. SEO traffic is always free so it is a free source of leads, so we can’t say no to this traffic.

2.Trust & Credibility

Trust and credibility are the backbones of any business. So, making trust and Credibility in very large platforms like Google, Yahoo, etc make a very large impact on your business. As we mentioned earlier User trust Search engines, so high visibility on the Search engine result page helps to create great trust and credibility to Users towards your website as well as business. Quality backlinks, Positive user responses, Optimized content on your site, etc help for establishing authority.

3.Better User Experience

SEO also means better user experience. Everyone needs an organic ranking, but a better user experience has a big role in getting there. Great user experience reduces bounce rate which has a vital role in ranking.

Search engines are very much user friendly. So, if you give a better experience to users, the search engine will value it. Quality SEO incorporates a positive user experience.

4.Local SEO

While discussing the importance of SEO for business, we can’t forget about the importance of Seo in local businesses too.

Mobile traffic is the most dominated traffic on the internet nowadays, that’s why local search is very important for small and medium businesses.

Local Seo or local optimization mainly focuses on specific towns, cities, districts, and even States too. Local SEO creates local brands.

To promote your business at a local level you must optimize the Knowledge graph panel, Its Google My Business Page, and Social media Profiles. Local directory listing also helps on the Local SEO. 

5.Relatively Cheap

Yes, it costs money. But by comparing to other digital marketing techniques like SEM (search engine marketing) and Social media marketing, SEO is cheap.

It is not a marketing cost, it’s a business investment. Good SEO will give you yield for years.

6.Long-lasting Strategy

SEO is a long-lasting strategy. The result of most of the actions done in the first year will last for many years.

Yes, you also have to update with changes in the market and algorithms but it’s not a big deal as compared to initial actions. 

Due to the long-term impact of SEO, it is very important for your business. If you ready for the short-term investment of one or two years, you will get a return on investment for the long term.

These are the importance of SEO for business. You can’t avoid Search engine optimization if you are looking for online presence of business website.

is seo relevent in 2020

Is SEO still relevant in 2020?

Yes, Search engine optimization is more important than ever. SEO is the most potential digital marketing strategy with long term results.

There are 40,000 searches in every second and 3.5 billion searches per day, and surely some of the searches are related to your product or services. So, to connect with these searchers we need to do SEO. So, importance of Seo for business never loss, Its always relevant.

SEO is super advanced now. Search engines mainly Google introduced new algorithms and technologies like Voice Search or Seo for voice searches,

Then the artificial intelligence in the SEO evolves. Last year BERT (Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding) was introduced by Google which is Google’s neural network-based technique for natural language processing, and it’s important because it deals with the very fundamentals of how people search.

Another milestone was the introduction of google visual image search. Images always have an important role in SEO. The image alt tag is a very much important factor in the on-page SEO. So, google webmaster tool SEOs will consider these changes and we can expect an updated SEO strategy within months.


We can conclude that, SEO will help you most than any other digital marketing technique in achieving your business goals.

SEO seems sometimes very complex, but the result we are getting from it is long lasting and reliable. So, working on it will give you better results.

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